Hello Human!

I am Stina.

I’m a product designer currently based in Stamford, CT, familiarizing myself with New Haven–style pizza.

Originally from Queens, NY and practicing graphic design at a research institute for a decade before entering the world of UX design, I am a human of art and science.

I love pepper sauces, bird watching, bug watching, and clam pasta.

My design process

For a decade, I practiced graphic design before entering the world of UX design. My in-house design experience made this period a time of creative problem-solving, optimization of processes, and a facilitator of effective communication. By leveraging these deeply-rooted skills forged through 3 pillars of my design philosophy, I hope to bring a holistic problem-solving approach to all my projects.

Learn from the community
I am passionate about creating seamless user experiences, by employing insightful understanding of the users. This process starts by learning about the people who will resonate with my purpose and intentions. Collecting different perspectives from this community and understanding the emotions at play to uncover what ‘power’ means to each individual. In doing this, I can hope to create a product that considers the people it serves and gives people control and agency over their domain.

Delight is in the details
As a visual communicator, I have a strong understanding of its building blocks and their potential. Composition, color theory, typography, and movement are essential in establishing intuitive user interfaces, and with a bit of magic, in creating delightful interactions as well. I believe playfulness is a crucial and practical component of everyday products, and strive to implement joy wherever possible.

Bias towards efficiency
Finally, working in-house, I learned that the best products are created from within. A strong core group of people, working towards one goal is a force to be reckoned with. With colleagues you can trust, you are free. Free to be curious, to try new things, to share resources, feedback, to reflect on workflows, and ultimately, free to be better. This environment takes advantage of mind-proximity to be fast paced, and adds to the quality and cohesiveness of the message at stake. Building towards efficiency with colleagues is how I oil my machine, and a well-oiled machine is central to making great products.

When I first came to UX, I quoted Camus: “Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better,” to explain that design matters because as humans we require the chance to be better. To build things that will stand the test of time, leave a lasting impression, and fill us with joy. Today, I’ve learned better than to be so idealistic about design, but I think a part of this still applies to my philosophy today; If freedom is the chance to be better, design is taking that chance.

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